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Rainbow Pentacle Blackwork Cross-stitch by TheWitchGarden

80.00 USD

Witch up your walls with this finished & framed rainbow pentacle embroidery. Stitched up over approx. 18 hours, this piece uses the blackwork technique to create a decorative fill design within a chain-stitched shape.

The aida fabric was painted with fluid acrylics by me and the embroidery floss was hand-dyed by MadXStitcher (http://ift.tt/2dRfFhT).

The finished hoop measures 7.5" in diameter. Stitched in a smoke-free environment.

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Tortuga booth 1

Ta da! Here’s the PixiCraft booth from Tortuga.

We had a big space to work with, so the booth ended up being L-shaped (10×20′ on the left & 10×10′ on the right). The big space on the left meant that Laura (PixiCraft) had room to hold a couple of jewelry classes without completely blocking off the booth from other traffic.  The booth did much, much better than we expected, which was quite a happy surprise. Needless to say, we’ll definitely be back in 2017.

Here’s a few more shots of the booth, which also featured gorgeous chainmaille by Scales of Time and beautiful stones from the Columbia Mermaid:

Tortuga booth 2

Tortuga booth 3Tortuga booth 4

My stuff, aside from the drinking horns, shared a table with the Columbia Mermaid.  😀

Tortuga booth 5

I didn’t get any really good photos of the horns I decorated, so this will have to suffice. These were the two large horns and then there were three smaller “bodice” horns. These were my first projects using a dremel, so I’m pretty proud of how they turned out. I’m hoping to get a few more done for the next fair we vend at.

Horns 1

I got to stitch up this custom patch at Tortuga, which was really fun. It’s a little rough since I did it on site, but Spork seemed pretty happy with it.

Spork patch

And finally, I snagged this great bracelet from Scales of Time. I love the colors. ♥


WIP Wednesday, No. uh…5?

I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, largely because of the Tortuga event and recovering from it, but also because I started another pet-stitting job this week. I have a post to make about Tortuga, as well as about the projects I’ve finished, but those will come on a different day.

Anyway, I’ve been up to a couple of things and PixiCraft & I are vending at a local Celtic fair on Sep. 24th.

Labyrinth WIP

I’ve wanted to try stitching a labyrinth for quite a while, but I wanted to finish a few other projects first. I really like the Chartres Cathedral design, so I went with that first (though I’d like to stitch some other labyrinth designs, too). The labyrinth path is just wide enough for a finger to trace along it, so it’s been fun to “walk” the labyrinth as I’ve finished different sections of it.


Last Saturday, I happened upon a sale being put on by several businesses selling product samples, discontinued items, etc. for super cheap. The friend I was with snatched up a great jacket for about a third of the original price, whereas I homed in on a jeweler selling some stones for dirt cheap. Since PixiCraft almost sold out at Tortuga, I knew she needed more supplies and the amount of stuff I could get here for $5 was AMAZING. So I got her a mixed bag of clear quartz and amethyst points and geode slices, both dyed and un-dyed.  😀

WIP Wednesday, No. 4

I’ve been taking a break from cross stitch to work on a few other projects as Labor Day weekend approaches.


I’ve been embroidering some patches – the one for my friend Pixi of PixiCraft was the concept test. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few more done before Tortuga (aka the big pirate event I’m going to in a week and a half).


I’ve also been painting for the first time in a while and it’s been going a lot better than I expected. I used to get a lot of fulfillment out of painting prior to my depression diagnosis and it’s been difficult to get into any sort of painting “groove” since then. I’m hoping that given how well this is going, it will kick-start a trend of me painting a lot more.


I also spent a day with my friend Alex this week and we made a few types of jam for the hell of it – Italian plum & lemon jam, and a few variations on a more savory jam of rowan berry, fennel, & vinegar.

Hopefully next week’s post will have far less works-in-progress and much more finished work (especially since we drive down to the event PixiCraft & I are vending at the next day!).

WIP Wednesday, No. 3


Finally finished the skull after approximately 25 hours of work. Phew! The blackwork fill didn’t turn out quite how I’d imagined, but I’m still pretty happy with it. Now to wash, iron, and mount it…


New project: Mjolnir, utilizing some of my favorite rainbow floss. This is another project where I’m not quite sure what the finished project will look like, but I’ll have plenty of fun in the process. 😀

WIP Wednesday, No. 2

Skull 3

1. Finished the first layer of this fellow’s blackwork fill.

Skull 4 Alternative

2. Blackwork close-up! Stitching a fill like this is a lot like knitting or crochet in that it’s a ridiculously calming and meditative activity.


3. I’m working with a friend to experiment in making drinking horns, but first we had to clean all the ick out…

Mail came!


I’m excited to work on some new projects, especially with that huge ball of rainbowed Bifrost! 😀 A few of these colors will be for specific projects, the rest will be used when inspiration hits (hopefully sooner, rather than later).

As usual, this gorgeous floss is from Mad X Stitcher.

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